Who we serve

Biotechnology Companies :

Elevating Exploration and Discovery

Aragen Bioscience empowers biotechnology companies to explore new frontiers in research and development. Our expertise spans a multitude of areas, including recombinant protein production, cell line development, antibody engineering, and bioanalytical services. By providing specialized resources and guidance, we enable our biotech partners to advance their innovative solutions with confidence and precision.

Biosimilar companies :

Pioneering Progress Together

Biosimilars are complex biological molecules that are extremely difficult to produce. Developing a biosimilar involves reverse engineering the original biologic, establishing the right cell culture conditions, functional testing, formulation, clinical confirmation, and regulatory review before final approval can be obtained. Aragen Bioscience works with several biosimilars companies in India and the EU and has performed successful clone development for leading biosimilars. As an expert in this space, Aragen Bioscience will provide the right platform and guidance to ensure quality and biosimilarity so that there are no surprises.

Government and Academic Research Organizations:

Transforming Visions into Realities

In close collaboration with academic and research institutions, Aragen Bioscience transforms scientific investigations into potential therapies. Our services extend from the inception of novel ideas to the realization of IND filings. With specialized expertise and a commitment to translating discoveries, we help drive the development of pioneering drugs and therapies that have a lasting impact on human health.

Animal Health :

Advancing Care, Together

Recognizing the importance of animal health, Aragen Bioscience dedicates its resources to support healthcare companies. By providing access to specialized expertise, infrastructure, and accelerated timelines, we streamline drug development and regulatory processes. This not only optimizes efficiency but also amplifies the overall success and efficacy of animal healthcare projects.