Protein Expression & Purification

Aragen’s experience in protein expression and purification ranges from routine monoclonal antibodies to complex fusion proteins. As a leading preclinical CRO, we have produced hundreds of protein products for clients. Antibodies, proteins, and Fc fusions developed at Aragen have been used in many IND-enabling studies. 

We can take your project from gene synthesis through delivery of milligrams-to-grams of protein product. Our team will work closely with you to deliver a protein product with the desired activity, purity and other analytical characteristics at the scale and on the timeline that meets your needs. Additionally, we can assess developability, examining the physical and chemical properties that can negatively impact the safety, efficacy, manufacturability and ultimately the success of clinical candidates.

Protein Expression Services

Aragen offers multiple mammalian protein expression systems in order provide a solutions that will meet your scale- and timeline requirements. Transient transfections can rapidly provide mg quantities of recombinant proteins for early evaluation. A variety of transient expression systems are supported, including CHO-S, HEK-293 and Expi CHO and Expi HEK. Stable cell pool, stable cell line and hybridoma expression systems are also available when larger quantities of protein with less heterogeneity are required.

Depending on production requirements, we’ll select a cell culture scale ranging from 10 mL in 24-well plates through 200 L or more in WAVE Bioreactors. We also employ bench-scale stirred tank reactors (1, 5 and 15 L working volume).

Protein Purification Services

Aragen offers flexible and customized protein purification services to achieve the highest purity and biological activity. Our scientists have expressed and purified over 200 reagent proteins, routinely achieving >95% purity.

Purification Workflow Highlights:

  • Cell culture harvest using 0.2 μm filters (less than 5 L) or in-line depth filtration (Meissner or GE)
  • Protein chromatography (Cytiva ÄKTA systems)  – 1 mL to 200 L of harvest typically using Affinity (Protein A/G, Ni-NTA, Myc, FLAG etc.), Ion Exchange (Capto™ Q, Capto S) or Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography columns. Our scientists excel in packing chromatography columns up to 400 mL or may use a prepacked column depending on requirements. A final polishing step may use a Size Exclusion Chromatography (Superdex 200) column or another resin specified by the client. Early chromatography stages are typically performed in a low-temperature environment to preserve protein integrity. Our lab is equipped with multiple systems, enabling parallel purification of up to 20 proteins/week. 
  • Tangential flow filtration using KrosFlo KR2i TFF systems capable of concentrating and dialyzing up 1,250 mL/min.

Our state-of-the-art workflow is tailored for each project by identifying optimal resin, buffer, and elution conditions through scouting studies. Our goal is to achieve the highest purity, minimizing endotoxins as well as endogenous host cell proteins and DNA.

Contact Us to Learn More

Whether you are focused on lead discovery, production of targets for high throughput screening (HTS), or characterization of unique gene products or antibodies, Aragen has the expression, purification and analytical capabilities to meet your needs. Contact our team in the Morgan Hill, California facility to learn more.