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Who We Are

Aragen Bioscience is your reliable partner for biologics research and development.



We are passionate about advancing the development of large molecules to transform the future of healthcare. We provide comprehensive solutions for the discovery, development, and manufacturing of biologics supported with our expertise and modern facilities. With three decades of experience in the industry, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner for biotech companies worldwide. Our team of dedicated scientists and researchers work tirelessly to accelerate the research and development of biologics.



It is at the heart of what we do. We work together with our clients to understand their unique needs and challenges, tailoring our solutions to meet their specific requirements. Whether it’s monoclonal antibodies, bispecific antibodies, proteins, or other large molecules, we have the expertise and capabilities to support every stage of the development process. Our comprehensive suite of services includes bioproduction, cell line development, process development and optimization, analytical development and characterization, formulation development, and cGMP manufacturing (In progress). By offering end-to-end solutions, we streamline the development process, minimizing risks and maximizing efficiency.



Quality is our top priority. We adhere to stringent regulatory requirements and industry best practices to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality data. Our modern facilities are equipped with advanced technologies and robust quality control systems to guarantee consistency and reliability throughout the entire product’s lifecycle. We take pride in our ability to drive innovation in large molecule development. Through continuous investments in research and development, we stay at the forefront of scientific advancements and emerging technologies. Our commitment to excellence has earned us a reputation for delivering breakthrough therapies that improve patients’ lives (4 commercial products).

Clear Understanding of Customer Pain Points

Ability to address complex customer issues for our biotech, animal health, biosimilars, academic and diagnostic clients. Successful examples of troubleshooting for issues such as low titers, complex glycosylation profiles, species-specific challenges, variability, process optimization, legacy platforms and more.

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Track Record

Established solution provider with 3-decades of successful track record. Efficient cell line development is critical in bringing biologics to market and requires a team of experienced scientists, a portfolio of well validated cell line platforms, and state of the art facilities. Aragen Bioscience delivers this combination and has completed more than 200 cell line development projects, with over 100 of those cell lines in the clinic following an investigational new drug (IND) application. More than four of Aragen Bioscience’s cell lines are producing marketed products.

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Aragen Bioscience scientists are adept at working with a wide range of host cell lines (CHO, HEK, SP2/0, and NS0) and expression vectors and have successful case studies with a variety of molecular formats including IgG, IgM, Bispecific antibodies, Antibody fragments, Fc fusion proteins, Biosimilars, Enzymes, Recombinant proteins, and nimal biologics including feline, canine, murine, porcine antibodies.

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6 CLD suites, 2 USP suites, 1 dedicated microbial suite, molecular biology and DSP suites and analytical labs, AMBR®250 multi-parallel bioreactor, 50L and 250L Single Use Bioreactors (SUB), GMP manufacturing capability.

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US Presence

Newly renovated 28,000 Sq. ft. ultramodern biologics facility in Morgan Hill, California (~30 minutes from San Jose, CA).

Strong Leadership

Experts with successful track records at Pfizer, Novartis, Zymergen, Syngene, Roche, GenScript and other companies serve on the Aragen Bioscience team. Together, they bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and innovation to drive forward transformative solutions for clients.

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Speed and Quality Promise

Rapid program initiation using open PO approach, Customized project dashboard to track all projects by status, stages, milestone delivery and timely delivery and regular project review calls.


Aragen Bioscience excels in providing a range of specialized services to the Human health and animal health industries. Our scientists and staff play a crucial role in accelerating the biologic drug development process. We offer high-quality and efficient solutions to our clients in the following areas.

Cell Line development for expressing complex biologics on our validated CHO-DG44 and CHO-GS cell lines.
Royalty-free RapTr 2022 platform
Biosimilar development support for Human and Animal health industries.
Robust upstream and downstream process development
Process consistency and scalability with bioreactors (1L, 5L & 10L).
Single Use Bioreactors (50L and 250L).
Optimization of manufacturing scale-up with tight control and robust product characterization.
Building GMP 2 x 500L SUB manufacturing facility for Drug Substance bulk.

Aragen Bioscience’s scientists have perfected cell line process combined with modern laboratories, a clear strategy, working closely with the clients with collaborative spirit to deliver best titers, greater superior cell viability, while reducing cost and time. For example, our RapTr 2022 CLD platform offers a 33% reduction in CLD timelines and increased titres up to 6g/l. This royalty-free platform now accelerates the process from DNA transfection to Research Cell Bank (RCB) to 18 weeks. The RapTr 2022 CLD services include the proven CHO-DG44 and CHO-GS cell lines and proprietary vector combinations with an innovative clone selection process for standard monoclonal antibodies.
To illustrate, our new GS platform that used Aragen Bioscience’s proprietary GS Vector for Humira development showed enhanced stable bulk pool (BP) ~700mg/L, single cell clone (SCC) from BP up to 2g/L with clones showing stability up to 60 days, and mini pool (MP) generated up to 4.2g/L.




Our values, which we call ETHICS, guide our decisions, express our beliefs and define our culture. They are a deeply embedded code of conduct that we live by everyday. From leadership to staff, the values embedded in our ETHICS, determine ‘how we do what we do’ for our customers, for each other, and for every stakeholder at Aragen Bioscience.
Freedom to make a difference.

Aragen Bioscience employees, at all levels, are empowered to make decisions. They are encouraged to take responsibility, raise issues, reward team members, drive changes, and own outcomes. This results in a highly committed and responsive workforce focused on exceeding customer expectation.

One Team. One Purpose.

We believe in the power of teams over individuals, especially when uniting around our goal to keep our customers ahead in the race for better health. At Aragen Bioscience, we don’t stand on formality and protocol. Instead, we function as agile, cross-functional teams focused on addressing customer problems and accelerating solutions. We work collaboratively to deliver on our promise ‘Together Ahead’.

Honesty & Integrity
Say what you do. Do what you say.

At Aragen Bioscience, we are mindful of our role in the global biopharma ecosystem and fully aware of our responsibility in providing reliable, consistent and quality data to accelerate the programs of our customers. What we do impacts lives through better health outcomes.

Unlocking our collective genius.

Innovation at Aragen Bioscience is about developing solutions that are more effective and commercially relevant. Some of the best scientific talent makes this possible. As an extension of our customers’ in-house R&D, we continuously look for new and better ways to cultivate novel approaches to drug discovery, development and manufacturing.

Customer Focus
Exceed expectation consistently.

We keep customer needs at the center of all our decisions. By providing flexible, integrated, end-to-end services along the concept-to-commercial continuum, we give our customers effective and timely solutions. A collaborative and transparent approach to every engagement demonstrates our commitment to partnership. Our customer repeat rate of over 90% is a reflection of our relentless focus on customer centricity.

Safety & Compliance
Unlocking our collective genius.

‘Safety and Compliance Always’ is a way of life at Aragen Bioscience. As a solutions partner to the life sciences industry, every Aragen Bioscience employee recognizes its importance and impact within the organization and on external stakeholders. Regular reviews, training, seminars, and implementation of technologies, demonstrate our commitment to embedding and continuously improving company-wide safety and compliance.