Molecular Biology

At the Aragen Bioscience molecular biology laboratory, we employ a range of techniques to engineer and study genetic material. Cloning and transformations involve introduction of foreign DNA into a host organism allowing replication and expression of specific genes. DNA amplification accomplished through techniques like PCR reactions enable the production of multiple copies of a target DNA sequence and facilitate further analysis. Plasmid scale-up, spanning from miniprep to giga prep, allows the isolation and purification of larger quantities of DNA-containing plasmids, which are crucial for downstream applications.

Genetic engineering processes: DNA linearization by controlled cleaving of circular DNA, customized vector design, engineered DNA sequences to carry and deliver foreign genes into target organisms. We ensure that the inserted DNA sequence matches the intended one and verify the accuracy and genetic modifications through sequence confirmation.

Gel electrophoresis and gel extraction separates and purifies DNA fragments based on size. These methods facilitate the analysis, manipulation, and purification of DNA for a wide range of research applications, including transient antibody expressions and creation of stable cell lines.

Key Methodologies

  • Gene cloning
  • Plasmid preparations: Mini/ midi/ Maxi/ Mega and Giga scale
  • Genomic DNA/RNA isolation
  • Primer design
  • PCR and RT-PCR
  • DNA/RNA gel electrophoresis
  • Mycoplasma Testing
  • Host Cell DNA testing