Sufia Karim, MD

Senior Director, Cell Line Development

Over 20 years of versatile and in-depth experience in mammalian cell culture, molecular biology techniques, cell line development, process development, as well as tech transfer to cGMP facility. Demonstrated expertise in creating innovative and effective solutions to Manufacturing bottlenecks and equipment related safety hazards in production of clinical materials with competency on 100L Stainless steel Production Bioreactor and Single Use Bioreactors (S.U.B.) at 50-liter and 250-liter scales within the GMP, Pilot Plant facility. Results-driven Professional with demonstrated project management ability in assessing problems, streamlining systematic procedures, identifying approaches and tactics, and developing decisions in ensuring timely completion of assigned projects. Showed leadership with strong ability to build teams, foster relationships, and earn trust in successful completion of cross- departmental projects. Tech-savvy with ability to quickly adapt to new technologies/processes, and associated challenges through data analysis, strategic planning, and demonstration of in-depth knowledge.