Antibody Discovery

Aragen's antibody discovery and development
The experts at Aragen Bioscience create hybridoma-based antibodies suitable for therapeutics, diagnostics, and reagents.  Aragen has a highly productive expedited protocol that delivers antibodies as quickly as 22 days from immunization to positive clones.

Hybridoma Technology 

Hybridoma technology remains one of the most widely used methods for monoclonal antibody (mAb) generation. The technique provides a valuable approach for harnessing the diversity of the host immune system to discover novel antibodies with unique properties.

Experience is Key

Our team of antibody development scientists have extensive experience in developing hybridoma-based mAbs to a wide range of therapeutic and diagnostic targets. We have successfully developed antibodies to a variety of targets including cytoplasmic, secreted and membrane bound proteins as well as anti-idiotype antibodies. Aragen’s uniqueness lies in our ability to carry out antibody development projects from idea to pre-clinical stage. Working closely with clients, we’ll offer multiple options in the antibody development process.

Antibody Development Workflow

Attention to detail is critical at every step of the antibody development and discovery process. If the antigen is not designed properly, the animals may never seroconvert or, in some cases, may only seroconvert to an immuno-dominant epitope reducing the diversity of the antibody repertoire that is assayed. Our team has experience with a broad range of antigens and immunization schemes that are critical for a target-specific response. By leveraging our core technology platforms, we are able to execute the appropriate assays dictated by the screen which are typically a combination of ELISA and cell-based methods.

Aragen's antibody development and discovery process

Antibodies for Various Applications

Our customized antibody discovery workflow can be applied to the discovery of therapeutic and diagnostic antibodies for a variety of disease areas including, but not limited to, oncology, autoimmunity and infectious disease. Our expertise in antibody discovery can also be applied to the development of immuno-assay reagent antibodies to support a variety of applications.

Next Steps – Post-Hybridoma Services

Aragen Bioscience also offers post-hybridoma services including: