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Protein Expression

The expression, purification and analysis of specific protein molecules of interest has become a workhorse in modern biology research and therapeutic discovery and development. These protein molecules could be expressed naturally in cells that have evolved such a capacity or synthetically through modern technologies.

Aragen Bioscience routinely expresses diverse proteins in mammalian and bacterial systems including:

  • Transient HEK-293
  • Transient CHO-K1
  • Stable expression platforms
  • Hybridoma
  • E. coli platforms

The choice of platform depends on the type of protein being expressed and the final product specification for functionality. Aragen’s expression platforms support a broad range of protein classes including secreted proteins, intracellular proteins, transmemebrane proteins, proteins that require refolding, and others.

Aragen’s current infrastructure can accommodate tissue culture production scales in the range of ~1mL up to ~100L. In addition, Aragen Bioscience is in the process of a facility expansion which will result in a significant increase in this capacity.