Biological products require a living (biological) system for their manufacture. In some cases, these systems can be simple bacterial cells whilst there are next generation transgenic goat, rabbit, and plant technologies being developed. At Aragen Bioscience, we develop mammalian host cell lines (primarily in Chinese Hamster Ovary, “CHO” cells) for the production of recombinant protein products of interest.

For products destined for human therapeutic use the cellular manufacturing platform must be robust, scalable and provide adequate protein titers. If any one of those critical characteristics are not met, the product may never reach the patient in need.

Aragen has experience in a broad diversity of mammalian expression platforms including CHO-S, CHO-GS, CHO-DuxB11, CapT, and others. None the less, the vast majority of Aragen’s clients leverage our decades of experience in our house CHO-DG44 platform. The platform delivers a royalty fee, low risk option for the scalable manufacture of proteins within a cGMP environment.

Importantly, Aragen Bioscience specializes in difficult to express proteins where our experience in both expression as well as protein analytics can be uniquely leveraged to ensure success.

This robust platform offers many key advantages:

  • Royalty free
  • Regulatory friendly
  • Competitive timelines and titers
  • Applicable to challenging proteins

Aragen Bioscience is a non-GMP service provider. However, we routinely transfer our cell lines to various GMP facilities globally.

As every therapeutic cell line development program is unique please contact us to discuss your requirements.