Our Platforms

Our expertise in cell line development, protein expression and purification, molecular biology, cell biology, immunology, and diverse in vivo services enables flexibility in the way we utilize our array of technology platforms. This allows us to tailor our methods to meet your project requirements for quality and assay performance.

In Vitro Platforms

We offer a diverse service portfolio of in vitro assay platforms to support therapeutic antibody development, including biophysical and functional cell-based assays. Aragen scientists offer a wide range of expertise in a variety of protein chemistry analytical methods which allows us to be flexible in the choice of assay platform to meet even the toughest project requirements. In addition, our scientists have years of experience developing and implementing functional cell-based assays in a variety of cell types including immortalized cell lines and primary cells.

  • IntelliCyt iQue High Throughput Flow Cytometry System
  • Multimodal Plate Reader
  • Fluorescent Microscope
  • Imaging and Scanning
  • HPLC Instrumentation
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Multiplexed Cytokine
  • WAVE Cell Culture
  • Stirred Tank Bioreactors
  • AKTA Instrumentation
  • NOVA Metabolic Analyzer
  • Electrophoresis
  • Microfluidizer
  • Molecular Devices ClonePix System

In Vivo Platforms

Through our strong collaborations with various academic, governmental and industrial laboratories, Aragen has become a leader in pre-clinical in vivo services. Our diverse in vivo service offering is made possible by our impressive laboratories including an 8,500 square-foot animal facility that is equipped with a large number of platforms that support our customized in vivo services.

  • Flexivent
  • Whole Body Plethysmograph
  • Blood Analyzer
  • Multimodal plate reader
  • Microscopy
  • Standard Cell Culture
  • BSL-2 Containment
  • PerkinElmer IVIS Lumina XRMS Imaging System

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