Subcloning & Banking

Many hybridoma cell lines, especially those identified early on in a discovery program, can be very unstable. This phenotype can be due to many factors including clonality, chromosomal rearrangement and other metabolic stresses.

In order to minimize the impact this may have, the Antibody Discovery team at Aragen Bioscience strongly believes that hybridoma culture showing any signs of instability (e.g. early hybridoma cell lines or older lines losing expression) should be subcloned immediately. Our robust hybridoma subcloning process has also rescued a few high value hyridomas for clients.

In addition to in-house-developed hybridomas, we also offer subcloning for hybridomas supplied by our clients. Similar to the antibody fusion screening, our subclone screening includes high-throughput ELISA and FACS based assays. Samples can also be shipped to clients for additional testing.

Upon completion, at least 3-5 subcloned hybridomas will banked (cryopreserved) and shipped to the client.