Whether you are focused on lead discovery, production of targets for high throughput screenings, or characterization of unique gene products or antibodies, our proprietary one-stop transient expression system will help optimize the expression and purification of your products. All purified biologic products can be characterized in our well-equipped  analytical labs.

Protein expression and purification services involve the synthesis of gene to delivery of protein in mg to gram level scale. Proteins can be tailor made as per the client’s requirement starting from research grade to toxicology studies.

Protein Expression

We offer protein expression in multiple mammalian expression systems to meet every client’s need.

  • Transient expression in CHO-S HEK-293, Expi CHO and Expi HEK
  • Scale up of stable cell line and cell pool for purification
  • Scale up of hybridoma for purification

Cell Culture capacity

  • 24 deep well plates
  • Shake Flask: 30ml – L
  • WAVE Bioreactors 5L – 200L
  • Bench Top Bio reactors: 1L-15L working volumes

Down Stream Protein Purification

Our scientists have achieved >95% pure mg-gram scale of protein production, and a throughput of 20 different proteins per week on multiple ÄKTA purification platforms in a temperature-controlled environment. We offer flexible and customized protein purification services to achieve the highest purity and biological activity with low endotoxin levels in the shortest time. Our scientists have expressed over 200 reagent proteins, and consistently delivered superior quality proteins.

To deliver high quality protein the process starts with harvesting proteins using a filter train of depth filters. If required, the harvest can be concentrated using Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) systems. Our scientists excel in packing chromatography columns from 1 ml to 400ml. We are equally capable of working with any type of prepacked columns. We offer various strategies to develop and optimize purification for a range of biomolecules.

Chromatography Capabilities

  • Affinity Protein A/G, Ni-NTA, Myc, FLAG etc
  • Hydrophobic Interaction
  • Ion Exchange (Anion and Cation)
  • Size Exclusion

The purified proteins are formulated using dialysis cassettes or UFDF systems depending on the scale of protein. All  formulated proteins undergo stringent quality tests for sterility, high purity, and low endotoxin as a standard practice. In addition, we do offer proteins with low host cell proteins and host cell DNA by ELISA and qPCR-based methods respectively.