Signaling Assays

Phospho Flow

Cells often use phosphylation to transduces extracellular singals (e.g. cytokines) to intracellular changes in cell physiology. Flow cytometric analysis of phosphorylated proteins using phospho-specific antibodies allows researchers a quick and effective way to measure signaling cascades in individual cells. Traditional immunofluorescent cell-surface staining and phospho flow cytometry protocols can also be combined for simultaneous analysis of surface molecules and intracellular phosphorylated signaling proteins.

Reporter Gene Assays

Many of the extracellular signals which are transduced to the intracellular space have their effects by changes in cellular gene expression. By using cells transfected with reporter genes, cells can be activated when certain pathways are triggered and such events can subsequently be measured by assaying the reporter gene either by fluorescence or enzyme activity. These surrogate methods may be much more sensitive and rapid than detection of the primary gene response.

Custom Assays

Cell biology and physiology is a very complex and dynamically evolving field of study. Feel free to contact us with our custom assay development needs.

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