Research Reagents

Basic biology and disease research requires the production of many protein based reagents. The reagents used very tremendously and, in fact, represent the diversity of the human genome itself. For example, an antibody reagent manufactured from CHO cells is very different from a murine syngeneic tumor cell line stably expressing a human target protein of interest. As protein domain to be expressed for crystallography studies is very different from an Fc-tagged ligand to be used to create a custom affinity resin.

Aragen’s experience and flexibility with such diverse projects enables us to use the appropriate protein expression system to meet our clients needs.

  • ELISA reagents (e.g. antibodies, cytokines)
  • Cell surface expression (e.g. FACS screening tool)
  • Tumor cell lines (e.g. Immuno-oncology targets)
  • Human cell lines
  • High throughput screening reagents
  • Crystallography tools

As described, Aragen Bioscience understands the unique needs of many diverse proteins. As such, it is probable that we will have a solution that fits your reagent cell line development needs.