Protein Services

Aragen Bioscience, a leading contract research organization (CRO), has decades of protein expression expertise ranging from routine monoclonal antibodies through products requiring proteolytic* or conjugation reactions as well as complex novel fusion proteins. We’ve produced hundreds of antibodies and other proteins for use in physical characterization studies, target validation, screening, structural biology research and diagnostic products. A range of antibodies, proteins and Fc fusions produced by us have been used in IND-enabling studies.

Stage 1: Gene Synthesis and Subcloning

We’ll take your cDNA or optimize and synthesize any desired coding sequence and subclone it into a mammalian expression vector. We use a range of vectors, including proprietary vectors. All constructs are then restriction digest and sequence verified.

Stage 2: Pilot Protein Expression and Purification

Typically, small-scale expression and purification trials are performed to identify the best clones and expression conditions along with optimal protein purification procedures. Our team will also recommend additional process development activities that will help to increase production titer, alter product quality, and improve purification efficiencies.

Stage 3: Protein Expression and Purification

When the requirement is for hundreds-of-milligrams to grams of protein, we scale our WAVE Bioreactors up to as much as 100 liters. Our ÄKTA-based downstream purification system reproducibly delivers purified product regardless of the cell culture scale.

Analytical Assessment

Purified product can be analyzed with routine as well as customized assays.

Given Aragen’s broad expertise, we can also design and develop custom analytics catered to the needs of the specific molecule.

Analytical AssessmentAssay Type
   Protein Identification
  • SDS-PAGE, IEF, Native, Western Blot
  • N-terminal sequence
  • Peptide mapping

  Protein Activity
  • Catalytic
  • Binding (steady state, kinetic)
  • Inhibition (IC50' Ki)
  • Efficacy testing

  • Glycosylation
  • Phosphorylation
  • Fucosylation
  • Other
  • Proteolytic
  • Chemical
  • Custom

Integrated Solution

Our team will work closely with you from concept through delivery. Together, we’ll develop a set of project deliverables tailored to your specifications of scale, purity, analytical characterization, and activity on a timeline that meets your needs. We also collaborate closely with our cell biology and in vivo teams for subsequent stable cell line development and efficacy testing, respectively.

*for example, a Fab from an intact mAb.