Protein Engineering

Historically, proteins have represented the functional molecular outcome of the central dogma of molecular biology. As our understanding of molecular regulators within the cell has been expanded over the past few decades, it is increasingly evident that RNA molecules as well as lipids and carbohydrates also play a very key role in regulating cellular physiology. Concomitant with these discoveries, the desire and need to leverage recombinant DNA techniques to selectively engineer proteins with novel functions has increased.

Aragen Bioscience has expertise and knowledge in many aspects of protein engineering. These range from monoclonal antibody specific methods (e.g. isotype switching) as well as methods for the generation and biochemical and functional testing of novel fusion molecules.

  • Antibody engineering
    – Chimerization
    – Isotype switching
    – Humanization
  • Novel fusion proteins
  • Large single domain proteins
  • Custom

We welcome complex projects including the de novo design, construction, purification and analytical characterization of novel fusion proteins using various assay platforms. The vectorology around each project is tailored to the specific needs depending on the expression platform and purification requirements.

The protein science group works in close collaboration with the cell biology and in vivo teams for subsequent efficacy testing. As such the combined teams provide an integrated solution the generation of proteins and their characterization.

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