Protein Analytics

Proteins represent an incredibly diverse class of molecules. Proteins can range from relatively small and compact to extremely large and floppy. Likewise, they may exist as single chain protein molecules, covalent compilations of multiple polypeptide chains or even the non-covalent assembly of proteins. To further complicate the story, the active versions of molecules may require further processing such as proteolytic cleavage, phosphorylation, and/or glycosylation, amongst other structural modifications, before assuming their biologically active state. To address this complexity, a combination of diverse technical experience and robust analytical tools is required. Aragen Bioscience offers a range of analytical methods utilizing multiple assay platforms that be used to characterize a broad range of proteins expressed and purified by various methods:


  • Protein activity
    • Binding affinity (FortéBio Octet® RED96 System)
    • Enzyme activity
    • Cell-based assays
    • In vivo testing
  • Aggregation status
    • SDS-PAGE
    • SEC-HPLC
    • Optical density
  • Protein stability (Unchained Labs UNcle)
    • Tm & Tagg
    • ?G
    • Isothermal stability
    • Thermal recovery
    • Sizing & polydispersity
    • Sizing with thermal ramp
    • B22 & kD
    • Viscosity



  • Protein integrity and structure
      • SEC-HPLC
      • SDS-PAGE
      • N-glycan analysis
      • Western Blot

[/ezcol_1half_end] The protein science group works in close collaboration with the cell biology and in vivo teams for subsequent efficacy testing. As such the combined teams provide an integrated solution the generation of proteins and their characterization.