Our Services

Aragen Bioscience offers a full range of custom services from routine projects to highly customized and complex study designs. Each of these services can be applied to the research, optimization and development phase of a project. Aragen Bioscience services are highly collaborative, well-documented and timely which gives you control over the entire process. Our customer dedicated research teams ensure your project gets the attention and focus it deserves to lead to successful outcomes.

Why Choose Aragen Bioscience Services

For greater than two decades, Aragen has been a premier provider of research and development services for the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. Our mission is to support and accelerate our partners’ product development efforts with high quality scientific data, professionalism, integrity, innovation and objectivity. Nearly half of our technical team members have Ph.D. degrees, which is just one indication of our commitment to helping you find innovative solutions that meet your specific project requirements. In addition, Aragen has very stringent hiring practices resulting in a unique technical team comprising a diverse skill set from varied industries and a commitment to delivery of services to our clients. Offering both a complex portfolio of value added services and a cost-effective pricing structure, Aragen provides your company with the tools needed to make your project a success.

Types of Services Offered by Aragen Bioscience

Aragen’s diverse portfolio of services are designed to support you at every stage of biotherapeutic development and characterization. Whether you are focused on the design and expression of your molecule, characterizing the binding or functional activity, exploring efficacy of your lead candidate, or expressing large amounts of proteins for pre-clinical or clinical studies, Aragen’s highly trained technical staff and diverse service offering and can support all your project needs.

Our Services Include:

  • Antibody Discovery – development services for generation of hybridoma-based mAbs to a wide range of therapeutic and diagnostic targets
  • Protein Science – design and engineering, customized scale-up and analytical assessment of routine monoclonal antibodies or complex protein targets
  • Efficacy Testing – biophysical and cell-based in vitro assays for testing the binding and functional characterization of novel therapeutics as well as animal models of disease for in vivo efficacy testing in rodent fibrosis, Clostridium difficile, and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) models and many others
  • Cell Line Development – utilizes the regulatory-friendly and royalty-free CHO-DG44 platform for expression of routine or difficult to express proteins based on client-specific timelines and scale-up requirements