Lung Fibrosis Models

Aragen Bioscience is a world leader in accelerating preclinical respiratory disease and fibrosis research.  With over 500 fibrosis focused studies under our belt, our strengths lie in translational in vivo modelling of a variety of fibrotic diseases including pulmonary fibrosis.  We have combined our strength in IPF with our strength in infectious diseases to help understand potential links between IPF and infectious respiratory diseases.  We have perfected the measurement of parameters such as flexiVent™; whole-body plethysmography; and hypoxia related parameters in our animal models and have supported these measurements with a broad suite of biomarkers of respiratory pathophysiology, disease progression, and treatment.

As the most commonly used model for IPF, Bleomycin induction causes inflammatory and fibrotic reactions in rodent lungs within a short period of time and successfully replicates many of the pathological characteristics, including abnormal deposition and accumulation of collagen in lung tissue, associated with IPF. 

This rodent model, induced by the administration of crystalline silico dioxide (or silica) displays many pathophysiological features of chronic inflammation and pulmonary fibrosis, which can be used as an experimental model for IPF and silicosis. 

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