IVIS Imaging

One of the most powerful technologies available to assess tumor growth and development, as well as efficacy of candidate therapeutics, is Bioluminescence Imaging. We offer this powerful modality using PerkinElmer’s IVIS® Lumina XRMS system, which includes X-Ray and fluorescence imaging capabilities with precise overlay.

Application Example: IVIS Imaging and Caliper Measurement of Subcutaneous SK-OV-3-Luc Xenograft in Athymic Nude Mice

2 x 106 SK-OV-3-Luc cells were injected subcutaneously (SC) into the dorsal flank of female athymic nude mice.

Tumor growth was monitored for luciferase expression using the PerkinElmer IVIS at various time points. Mice were imaged 10 minutes post SC injection of luciferin at 150 mg/kg at various time points. IVIS imaging detected as early as Day 10 Post Injection (pi) of tumor growth compared to the caliper measurement.

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IVIS is one of the many technology platforms that we employ.