The importance of hybridoma technology primarily lies in its ability to harness the host’s innate ability to generate diverse and high affinity antibodies when challenged with an antigen. However, the nature of that challenge can significantly alter the outcome. Aragen offers a wide variety of immunization schemes using a diverse set of immunogens including peptides, whole cells, purified recombinant proteins, and cDNA (plasmids).

We understand that manipulation of the immune response is critical in generating the right antibody. Therefore, we offer several immunization strategies including:

  • Standard bi-weekly immunizations
  • RIMMS (Rapid Immunization at Multiple Sites) method
  • Decoy immunizations
  • cDNA immunizations

Customized Immunization Regimens to Meet Your Needs

All immunizations are performed at our on-site Animal Facility that provides instant access to different types of hosts including mice, rats and hamsters. We also use different strains of mice for higher epitope diversity. Our Animal Facility staff has extensive experience in performing subcutaneous, intravenous, intramuscular and intraperitoneal injections using a variety of adjuvants including CFA, IFA, CpG-based adjuvants, RIBI and TiterMax. In addition to in-house testing of anti-sera, samples will also be shipped to the clients for additional confirmation of specific immune response.