Clearly, robust and accurate diagnostic tools are required to aid and inform physicians diagnosis of many disease states. Many of these diagnostic tools require protein (e.g. monoclonal antibody) components for their readout. As such, they require biological manufacturing systems to make those reagents. However, when compared to the protein requirements for therapeutics applications, diagnostic products have a significantly lower demand in terms of scalability and absolute amount of protein. However, they still require the robustness and reproducibility.

To that end, Aragen Bioscience routinely scales down it’s therapeutic CHO-DG44 cell line development process to generate a more cost effective program which can delivery to the expected needs of a diagnostic product.

  • Robust
  • Reproducible
  • Scalable

Whether your diagnostic product requires a standard monoclonal antibody or other complex protein for its function, contact Aragen Bioscience to further discuss your needs and how our platform can be applied to your protein production needs.