Antigen Design & Synthesis

Antigen design and synthesis is a critical initial step for a successful antibody discovery project. The specific application of the antibody to be developed plays a key role in determining the immunogen design strategy. Given Aragen’s many years of experience, we have successfully executed on a very diverse set of antigen types including:

  • Peptides
  • Recombinant proteins
  • Whole cells
  • cDNA (plasmids)

Our Protein Science group has extensive experience in recombinant protein synthesis using bacterial and mammalian expression systems. We routinely generate a variety of recombinant proteins including Fc-fusion proteins, epitope-tagged fusion proteins (6X-HIS, GST, FLAG, HA etc.), un-tagged proteins, KLH- or BSA-conjugated proteins, full length or truncated proteins and protein domains. We also work with a third party supplier to generate synthetic peptides including KLH-, BSA- and OVA-conjugated peptides.

Our Cell Line Development group has experience generating transient and stable cell lines which can also be used as immunogens primarily for cell surface antigens. We also offer the design and construction of plasmids for cDNA immunizations.

Extensive quality control measures are executed while generating the antigens. We understand that some investigators prefer generating their own antigens. Therefore, to meet our clients’ needs, we also accept antigens synthesized off-site.