Aragen Bioscience, Inc. successfully completes antibody humanization project


Aragen Bioscience, Inc. and XOMA Corporation recently announced that they had joined forces to offer XOMA’s antibody humanization technology, Human Engineering™, through Aragen Bioscience’s contract services.  The first such project has just been completed meeting all affinity specifications and within a very tight time frame.  “XOMA was able to rapidly analyze the variable domain sequences we submitted and provide us with humanized sequences for testing”, commented Oren Beske, Ph.D., Vice President, Laboratory Services for Aragen Bioscience.  Subsequently, Aragen Bioscience cloned, expressed, purified and tested the affinity of four humanized antibody variants.  “All four humanized antibody variants demonstrated affinities comparable to both the murine as well as the chimeric versions of this antibody” Beske commented.

“We are very pleased with this outcome as it demonstrates the efficiency with which Aragen Bioscience’s clients can access the value of XOMA’s Human Engineering™ platform and its ability to provide high quality humanized antibodies for development purposes”, commented Rick Srigley, President and CEO at Aragen Bioscience.

About Aragen Bioscience

Aragen Bioscience, Inc., is a contract research and development services company located in the San Francisco Bay area. Aragen Bioscience specializes in recombinant cell line and hybridoma development, complex and routine cell based assays,  in vivo models of human disease, bench scale cell culture and protein purification process development and production, primary and immortalized cell-based assays and custom immunological services.