San Diego

PepTalk: The Protein Science Week 2019

Booth #425

January 14-18,  San Diego, CA

We are excited for this year’s PepTalk conference in San Diego. Visit booth 425 and discover how we can move your pre-clinical research projects forward.  Don’t miss our poster session on Monday (Poster Session A)

Resolving Precipitation Issues of an Antibody-Fusion During Protein A Purification Through Flocculation 

R Pagila*, M. Stroud and T Myles Protein Science Division, Aragen Bioscience, Morgan Hill, CA


Two distinct antibody-fusion proteins that share a common fusion partner have the propensity to precipitate upon elution during Protein A purification. Further precipitation occurs upon pH neutralization of the pH 3 eluted antibody-fusion protein. After removing the precipitate, the remaining soluble antibody fusion was highly aggregated when assessed by analytical SEC. A flocculation strategy was employed on clarified cell culture harvests to resolve these precipitation issues.

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