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Protein Purification

The ability to purify proteins to a high level of purity is critical in order to investigate their physical and biological properties. Some proteins are relatively easy to purify using robust, well established affinity chromatography methods. These include antibodies and Fc fusion molecules as well as proteins containing a recombinant purification element such as the 6X His tag. However, many molecules are not afforded such elements and more complex purification strategies must be developed. This is often the case with many novel fusion proteins as well as other molecules such as enzymes and cytokines.

Aragen Bioscience has experience in the routine purification of secreted monoclonal antibodies, intracellular tagged proteins, novel cytokine fusion molecules and many other molecules produced by a variety of expression platforms:

  • Antibodies (various species)
  • Fab’s
  • Fc fusion proteins
  • Novel engineered proteins
  • Enzymes
  • Cytokines
  • Complex, large proteins
  • Protein refolding
  • Refolded proteins

Aragen’s AKTA-based infrastructure can accommodate protein purification lots in the range of ~100 μg to 25 – 100g with feedstock volumes matching our upstream cell culture capacity of up to ~100L.