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PEGS Boston

PEGS Boston 2017

Booth #329

May 1-5, 2017,   Boston, MA

We are excited for this year’s PEGS, the essential protein engineering summit. Visit booth 329 and discover how Aragen Bioscience can move your pre-clinical research projects forward.

On Wednesday evening, unwind at our reception at the Atlantic Beer Garden. The event is free but you’ll need to register register to attend.

Make sure to visit Poster Session B for our two poster presentations. You can also request a pre-print.

The UNcle system for thermodynamic and aggregation profiling of antibodies and Fc-fusions in a CRO setting
Jackie Wilde, Deven Chauhan, Rene Paglia, Oren Beske, and Timothy Myles
Aragen Bioscience

The UNcle system from Unchained Laboratories is an integrated analytics platform for fast turnaround thermodynamic and aggregation profiling of proteins. We have assessed two biosimilar antibodies and one Fc fusion for thermostability and aggregation profiling for formulation studies. The Tm values obtained for the antibodies and Fc-fusion using the UNcle system were similar to values obtained by DSF using a SyproOrange detecting flourophore for all buffer conditions tested. Aggregation was measured using both the UNcle and SEC-HPLC prior to the thermal ramp and no aggregation of antibody or Fc-fusion was observed using either platform. The UNcle detected aggregation (Tagg) of both antibodies and Fc-fusion between the first and second melting transitions (Tm1 and Tm2). We were able to confirm the Tagg measured by the UNcle by performing a thermal ramp on un-labelled protein to the reported Tagg and analyzing the protein by SEC-HPLC. We conclude that the UNcle system provides a quick and robust assessment of formulation buffers for antibodies, Fc-fusions, and other proteins enabling out clients to robustly characterize their products.

A Platform to Rapidly Purify and Formulate Immunoglobulins from Mammalian Expression Systems
Rene Paglia, Felix Vega, Indira Kottiryl, Sharleen Rojas, Nikita Patel, and Timothy Myles
Aragen Bioscience

At Aragen, our typical steps to purify and formulate human IgG from transient system cultures up to 2 L involve clarification of harvest, affinity purification using Protein A and a combination of dialysis and concentration using centrifugal filter units for formulation. This platform can take from 5 to 7 days to complete, including assessment of the formulated antibody for purity. Recently introduced technologies such as Protein A membrane devices and TFF systems capable of handling ultrafiltration and diafiltration of samples as low as 1 mL have tremendously decreased the turnaround time down to 3 days. The typical and improved platforms will be compared.

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