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Efficacy Testing

Efficacy testing servicesAragen Bioscience offers a diverse range of in vitro and in vivo efficacy testing services. These services range across a variety of disease areas including fibrosis, infectious disease, oncology, immunology and others. Similarly, the molecules being tested in these models are equally diverse. While many of our clients are developing large molecule products, we find that our efficacy testing is equally split between large molecule and small molecule test agents.

Disease Model Diversity & Expertise

Our team of experts has core expertise in a wide range of biochemical and cellular in vitro testing assays as well as a large number of animal models of disease.

In VitroIn Vivo
  • Protein characterization
  • Cellular toxicity (ADCC, CDC, Proliferation, other)
  • Cellular signaling (phosphorylation, reporter gene assays, other)
  • Cellular immunology (MLR, Treg, other)
  • Custom cell based assays
  • Fibrotic Disease (lung, liver)
  • Infectious Disease (RSV, c. difficile, other)
  • Oncology (xenografts, PDX, other)
  • Inflammation (asthma, arthritis, other)
  • Respiratory Disease (asthma)
  • Custom Disease Modeling



As the biology of each disease and protein target are inherently complex, we understand the need to be flexible with our study designs. We believe that disease models are not a “one size fits all” situation and rarely “off-the-shelf”. Aragen takes the time to understand the science behind the molecules to be tested to ensure that the study design is well understood and appropriately designed. As such, our in vitro and in vivo testing services are often viewed as a collaboration between our clients and our highly skilled staff.

Example of a Customized, Client-Specific Study Designs for RSV in Rodent Models

Anti-RSV small molecule

RSV vaccine

Custom Model and Assay Development

Due to the breadth of our experience, Aragen scientists welcome the challenge of custom model and assay development programs. Whether you have an off-the-cuff idea or a request for a model that is to be adapted based on the literature, Aragen’s Efficacy Testing services provides a value added partner to develop such ideas and put them into practice.