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January 9

Congratulations to ImmuNext for their recently announced two agreements:

  • Hoffmann-La Roche Inc. (Roche) and ImmuNext announced a deal on Dec 1 that focused on the development of novel therapeutics that modulate the immune system for the treatment of inflammation and autoimmune diseases. Under the terms of the Roche agreement, ImmuNext will grant Roche a worldwide, exclusive license to develop and commercialize therapeutics that agonize the V-region immunoglobulin-containing suppressor of T-cell activation (VISTA) signaling pathway. VISTA is a negative checkpoint regulator.
  • Sanofi and ImmuNext announced on January 9, 2017 an agreement focused on the development of a novel antibody with the potential to treat a range of autoimmune diseases including Lupus and Multiple Sclerosis. Under the terms of the agreement, ImmuNext will grant Sanofi an exclusive, worldwide license to develop and commercialize INX-021, a CD40L monoclonal antibody in preclinical development that suppresses the activity of a cellular pathway that is overactive in many autoimmune diseases. In addition, Sanofi and ImmuNext will initiate a research collaboration to support clinical trials.

ImmuNext develops compounds on the cutting edge of immunotherapy for cancer and autoimmune diseases. Other programs include a CD40 agonist for neoantigen cancer vaccines and a novel immuno-metabolic target, in each case establishing new classes of compounds.

We wish ImmuNext, a long-time Aragen partner, continued success.

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September 15

Aragen Helps Innovent Stay in Fast Lane with Another Phase III Trial

Congratulations to Innovent Biologics, a leading biotech company based in Suzhou, China. The company has started a pivotal China Phase III clinical trial of its Humira biosimilar with a cell line generated by Aragen Bioscience. In the last twelve months, Innovent has been approved to start trials of four biologic drugs, a major achievement for the five-year old company. Innovent has quickly built up a portfolio of 12 molecules targeted towards indications in cancer, ophthalmology, autoimmune disorders, and cardiovascular diseases.

Aragen is pleased to be considered a key collaborator and wish them continued success.

For more information:

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