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Cell Line Development

Modern molecular and cellular biology has resulted in the ability to express proteins of interest in a variety of host cell lines. Aragen’s proven success in stable protein expression – even for the most difficult to express proteins – is based on decades of experience and success with hundreds of variant molecules.

Experience, Experience, Experience

Aragen’s founding scientist began his career expressing proteins in the early 1980’s as part of a team at Genentech. Since then, he and the team at Aragen have gained experience with hundreds of diverse molecules and continue to optimize the expression vectors, workflows and processes around stable cell line development and protein expression. We’ve embodied this knowledge in to our RapTr™ Cell Line Development services (download flyer).  RapTr combine the proven CHO-DG44 host cell line and vector combination with an innovative clone selection process that delivers high titers at every stage from Discovery to the Clinic.

Diverse Products

The ability to stably express proteins and produce the desired amount of product depends on a large number of factors. Depending on the project, only a few hundred micrograms of protein may be needed while other projects may require the manufacture of kilogram quantities of protein. Aragen’s RapTr cell line development and expression platform supports a variety of life science and drug discovery applications:

  • Therapeutic cell line development
  • Diagnostic reagents
  • Research tools and reagents
  • High throughput screening
  • Cell based assay tools
  • Crystallography
  • Other

Difficult to Express Proteins

Successfully expressing and purifying proteins can be difficult. Given the breadth and depth of our cell line development and protein expression experience, it is not surprising that the Aragen team is often called upon to stably express and purify novel molecules that are challenging to express either due to folding problems, toxicity to hosts, purification issues or any of a wide range of other problems. Aragen’s approach of continually optimizing and improving processes and assays enables our scientists to custom tailor the cell line development process to your specific requirements.

Regulatory Friendly and Royalty Free

Aragen’s RapTr process has complete freedom to operate and comes with no clinical milestones or commercial royalties. In addition, the core technology has been reviewed many times over many years by the various regulatory agencies of the world. As such, this platform is well-documented and comes with very little regulatory risk.

What to Expect – Timelines and Titers

For protein expression projects requiring large amount of protein, the volumetric titer is critical to meeting the budget for manufacturing efforts. Aragen’s platform is very competitive with respect to its timeline to delivery and the titers obtained.

As every project is unique, we welcome the opportunity to discuss your stable protein expression needs.


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