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Scientist; Protein Sciences and Analytics

The successful candidate will work in a collaborative setting within the Protein Sciences Division supporting protein analytics for protein bioproduction, process development, hybridoma antibody discovery and cell line development. Experiments will include protein formulation and stability studies, support of hybridoma campaigns with off rate ranking, binning, and epitope mapping. Experience in protein and antibody ligand and enzyme kinetics is essential.


  • Experience in enzymology (Chromogenic/Fuorogenic assays),
  • Ligand binding kinetics (ForteBio/Biacore),
  • Formulation and stability assays with experience in DSC, DSF/UNCLE™, SLS and DLS,
  • ELISA and western blot analysis including assay qualification,
  • Mass Spectrometry and SEC-MALs (optional),
  • Cell based potency assays including the AlphaLISA format (optional).


  • Education: A Ph.D in Biology or Biochemistry and 1-3 years of post-graduate experience in a professional environment.  
  • Intuitive knowledge and technical excellence in protein kinetics and biophysical characterization of proteins.
  • Ability to drive strategies and problem solve for biochemical and biophysical characterization of a diverse range of proteins from many different customers.
  • Good communication skills and the ability to work well as a member of a team is required.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Proficiency in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and data analysis are expected.  

Animal Research Associate/Technician

We are currently seeking an experienced animal technician for our in vivo research projects. He/She will perform duties involving the daily care of research animals for experimental purposes, which includes daily health monitoring (taking body weight measurement), collecting other in vivo data (e.g., tumor measurement), dosing of animals (ip, iv, sc, and po), and collecting the organ samples (bleeding i.e., tail or retro-orbital bleeding, or cardiac bleeding and extracting organ tissues). All work will involve the direct handling of laboratory mice with a potential work with rats and other rodents. The candidate is also required to work in a barrier facility and wearing proper PPE. Interested candidates should have several years of pertinent experience in a small to medium scale animal care facility and meet the following requirements:

  • High school degree or equivalent, college degree preferred. 

  • Hands-on experience with handling laboratory rodents. 

  • Proficient with compound dosing and collection of samples for PK/PD 

  • Competent at entering data onto a laptop computer. 

  • Skill and knowledge to apply principles of sanitizing and disinfecting cages 
in compliance with AAALAC standards. 

  • Availability to work variable schedule including weekends and holidays. 

  • Experience in surgical techniques and/or in vivo disease models is highly 

  • AALAS certification (ALAT or higher) preferred. 

  • Accurate record keeping and troubleshooting skills 

  • Self-motivated, flexible, and willing to meet strict time lines 

  • Strong interpersonal communication skills 

  • Ability to work in a fast paced, goal oriented, team-based environment 
Aragen is an equal opportunity employer. We offer a challenging work environment with excellent salary and benefits. 

Research Associate/ Senior Research Associate; Mammalian Cell Culture, Cell Line Development, Protein Production

Aragen Bioscience, Inc. is seeking innovative, independent and motivated professionals with significant and broad experience in combinations of the following areas.

  • Stable and transient expression of proteins and antibodies
  • Development of recombinant cell lines
  • Early-stage upstream process development and production of proteins and monoclonal antibodies in shake flasks and bench-scale bioreactors
  • Performance of assays used to characterize expressed proteins and antibodies including ELISA, Western Blot, and similar
  • Troubleshooting protein expression, cell culture and assay related problems

He/She will play a key role in the day-to-day, hands-on performance of laboratory work and serve as a scientific resource to other company scientists.


Successful candidates will have (i) a BS/MS degree plus at least two to five years of industry experience in Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Biology or a related discipline, (an understanding and respect for scientific method, (ii) excellent bench level working knowledge of mammalian cell culture, and (iii) very good oral and written communication skills. He/She must be able to work independently in the laboratory but have excellent team skills as well. The ability to maintain detailed written records and work as a member of a matrixed team are essential.

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Scientist or Sr. Scientist/Process Development and BioProduction

We are looking out for a suitable candidate for the position of Scientist or Senior Scientist; Process Development and Bioproduction. The successful candidate will work in a collaborative setting within the Protein Sciences Division supporting process development and bioProduction of E. coli derived recombinant proteins. More details.

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